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One of the best ways to find an artist whose work appeals to you is by browsing through their work. The following list will provide you with a selection of up-and-coming truly inspiring artists. The roster includes works by established and emerging artists, from porcelain to textiles.

Khari Turner

 In 2021, Khari Turner had a successful year. His first solo show at Frevo and Ross-Sutton Gallery sold out, and his piece Breathing is My Occupation was purchased at an auction at Christie’s for $70,000. In 2022, he will be holding his first museum exhibition and a two-city show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art. He will also participate in a European solo show at the CFHILL in Stockholm.

His first international show will be at the Venice Biennale in April 2022. His work is often characterized by his use of water and oil, highlighting his connection to African-American history. The Personal Structures exhibition will be held at the Palazzo Bembo.

Haley Josephs

After successfully holding group exhibitions with Almine Rech and Jeffrey Deitch, Haley Josephs’ career is expected to take off. In 2022, she will have her third solo show with JackBarrett, and her first solo show with Almine Rech will be held in New York City. Following the announcement of her inclusion in the roster of European, UK, and China art groups, another show will also be held in the same year.

Josephs’ large-scale oil paintings are often characterized by their erotic nature. Her work has a distinct psychedelic twist, and it shows how women can be manipulated through their bodies.

Qualeasha Wood

After working as a video-game designer, Qualeasha Wood became known for her work that explores the relationship between digital avatars and our mortality. In 2021, she will be holding exhibitions at Art Basel Miami Beach and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery. She has also explored the multiple Black female icons found in Internet culture. Her work has been characterized by her characterization of Blackness and femininity and her playful attitude.

Her group show, Projected Selves, currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will be in the works through May 2022. In 2022, she will be holding her first show with Hauser & Wirth. This will be a massive year for Wood.

Narumi Nekpenekpen

The public was wowed by the layered approach of Nigerian-Japanese artist Narumi Nekpenekpen’s sculptures during Art Basel Miami Beach Design Week. The pieces painted spontaneously during her residency at Versailles, exhibited a distinct Sanrio quality. Her work has been an integral part of ABMB’s Real Pain program.

Tafy LaPlanche

New York-based artist Tafy LaPlanche began her passion for portraits when she was 13 years old. She is an Afro-Latina artist who found inspiration in the people passing by her room as she was treated for diabetes. Since then, she has been exploring bold narratives in her portraits. She also explores the beauty of African-American women through her use of color and linework.