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While most photographers focus on one or two types of photography, experimenting with different styles can help broaden your skills. The creative and technical skills required in different genres often cross over. As a result, learning new techniques and lessons can help you become a better photographer. In this article is a list of different types of photography.

Portrait Style

Portrait photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing the mood and personality of a group or individual. It can be done in various ways, such as posing, close-up, or candid. The subjects’ eyes and faces are usually in focus, and the lighting and the backdrop can help create a unique and emotional effect.

Family portraits, senior portraits, professional headshots, and engagement photos are some of the most popular types of photography. The best images are done by skilled and experienced photographers who can make their clients feel comfortable.

Editorial Style

An editorial photo is used to illustrate an article or story for a magazine or a newspaper, and it can vary widely depending on the subject. Generally, the photographer will seek shots that work well on various layouts, including vertical and horizontal compositions. You’ll likely work closely with art directors and writers when you’re in editorial photography, and you should demonstrate professionalism and good communication skills.

Sports Style

Sports photography captures the passion and excitement of spectators, athletes, and coaches at a sporting event. It can be done with various equipment and techniques, such as a fast shutter speed and a heavy lens. One of the most critical factors that a photographer should consider when it comes to sports photography is the angle of their shot.

Journalistic Style

Photojournalism aims to tell the story of an event or scene through photos, and it should be as objective as possible. Instead of trying to get the best possible shot, they must capture the natural moments. Usually, a photographer will attend a specific event with the goal of capturing candid moments.

Architectural Style

The exterior and interior design of structures and buildings are also subjects of architectural photography. This genre commonly includes warehouses, old country barns, and city bridges. The photos featured in this genre often highlight the most prominent parts of the building or structure and emphasize the exciting materials and colors. To shoot with natural light and achieve the best results, a photographer should learn how to use it.